Jagdish Gandhi writes to Trump for establishing world democracy

New Delhi, 25th February: World renowned educationist and Founder-Manager of the world’s largest school, City Montessori School, Lucknow, Dr Jagdish Gandhi , while addressing a press conference at a prestigious hotel in the state capital, apprised the media personnel about the appeal he had sent, on behalf of world’s 2.5 billion children and the generations yet unborn, to the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, to safeguard their future by calling a meeting of heads of sovereign countries of the world and establish Global Democracy (World Parliament).

Dr Jagdish Gandhi , through his letter to the US President, Donald Trump, has requested him to fulfill his promise of uniting the world and establish world peace. Donald Trump, during his election campaign, promised the US Electorate on 15 December 2015, in Las Vegas (USA) saying “I will bring unity and peace to the world”. President Trump had promised to His Holiness the Pope in Vatican that “I am more determined to pursue peace on Earth”.

Shishir Srivastava, Head, International Relations, CMS informed that Dr Jagdish Gandhi in his letter to President Donald Trump has requested him to bring unity and peace in the world. While appreciating the efforts of President Trump, Dr Gandhi has congratulated him that he shook hands with North Korean leader, Chairman Kim Jong at the historic Singapore Summit and turned hostility into friendship and thus saving the world from a Nuclear War.

President Trump has created history as it was unthought-of to get North Korea to take concrete steps towards denuclearization. The World has suffered enough damage during the past two world wars and if a third world war was to happen, it will be a Nuclear War and all the 7.5 billon people on Earth will die.

While addressing the press, Dr Gandhi informed that in the past, three American Presidents had taken initiatives to establish world peace.

After the first world war, the then American President Woodrow Wilson called a meeting of world leaders in 1919 and established the League of Nations so that humanity would never face the scourge of another world war, however, unfortunately, in 1939 Second World War started and after the end of this war, American President Franklin D Roosevelt, in 1945, called a meeting of leaders of 51 sovereign nations of the world and established United Nations Organization .

American President Harry Truman implemented the Marshall Plan in Western Europe during the European War, rebuilding and subsequently reunifying much of Europe with about US$ 13 billion which were given by the USA. He introduced the concept of a United Europe and the birth of the European Union with a European Parliament of 28 countries and Euro currency (adopted by 18 countries) and the Court of Justice of the European Union at the centre of the unification effort.

Since its formation, the European Union has succeeded in preventing wars between otherwise warring nations and has brought lasting peace in Europe.Dr Jagdish Gandhi, while giving example of these American Presidents, has recalled the promise that President Trump made to unite the world and bring peace and has requested him to call a meeting of leaders of sovereign nations to establish global democracy (world parliament) to safeguard the future of world’s over 2.5 billion children and the generations yet unborn.

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